Vegetarian Restaurant

The Green Temple

Origin Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to host people in a place where they can gather in an atmosphere of hospitality and care – a place where they can rest and not worry about the world for a little while. I thought this space could be a restaurant, a café, or an art center. 

In the 1990's my business partner and I met Maurice Beaudet after he opened his restaurant in Redondo called Greens At The Beach. Upon closing the business, Maurice approached us, offering to sell us his recipes and help us start a new restaurant. He was an amazing mentor, and his valuable guidance saved us from having to jump the hurdles that new business owners usually face. 

The capital for our new enterprise was provided by a very generous soul who saw potential in us. Richard said we were his third investment and he was yet to be wrong. Without his generosity and business experience, the Green Temple would never have come to exist. 

In our 23 years of operation we’ve seen coworkers, customers, vendors, come and go. With each person there is a slight shift how the place feels and acts, but the main direction remains the same. We truly aspire to serve something good, something good for our bodies, for our moods, for our state of mind. We aim to build healthy lives and healthy relationships while cooking and serving healthy food. 

For the last twenty years my husband and I have been partnered in this vision. Our long term employees, who truly are the heart of the operation, play integral roles in bringing the vision to life. 

To this day I am in awe about how The Green Temple came into being. We are deeply grateful to those who assisted in its beginnings and also to all of you who support us now by coming and resting in the environment we create and maintain for you.